Fontana Village Vacation, Day 2


One of my sisters arrived with her family last night. I was sitting in the lodge waiting for them when they arrived. This morning we drove to Robbinsville to buy groceries. My other sister will arrive with her family later today.

The lobby of the lodge is a nice place to read. It also provides the most reliable cellular and data coverage in the village, and so it is a nice place to catch up on messages and make phone calls. It is the best place for me to upload my photos and videos, and so I have enjoyed coming here to write these posts while drinking some free hot tea. The ubiquitous coverage most people are accustomed to having is not available in this region of the mountains, and so people must adapt when they visit. On the other hand, if you want an opportunity to unplug, then Fontana Village is a good choice.

When my family visited last November wild fires were burning in the Appalachians. We did not see the fires, but we could see and smell the smoke. A crew of firemen who were working to extinguish the fires stayed here at the lodge.

Front desk at the lodge


Nice view from the back porch of the lodge


This painting hangs next to the front desk. I do not know the title, but I call it “Appalachian Gothic” because it is obviously a spoof of “American Gothic.”


This fireplace brings back memories from my family’s visit in November of 2011. A truck hit an electrical pole on the highway and knocked out power to the entire village. We could not cook anything, and we were cold, and so we came to the lodge which had the fire burning and served us free meals including a very tasty soup. I sat on the hearth in front of the fire next to a couple who had been hiking the Appalachian Trail. They came to the lodge for a night in a real bed with television and real food. They did not know that they would have no power. That night the village provided free firewood to all cabins, and so we were okay until power was restored.


A walk through the lodge lobby


Instead of staying at the lodge, my family always rents three cabins or villas. Each one provides two bedrooms, a den for family gatherings, a kitchen, and a front deck. This year we are in three villas. Because we have a kitchen we can save money by cooking our own food. My family will always bring some when we first arrive and then drive to Robbinsville (about 30-45 minutes away) to buy everything else the next morning.

I took this video yesterday after I unloaded my car


There is also a campground with many camp sites under the Fontana Dam. Hopefully I can show the dam tomorrow or later this week. There is a wedding at the dam sometime today, and so I will not go today.



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