Fontana Village Vacation, Day 3

6/11/17 – A photographic tour of the village

The recreation building was the school when the village residents were building the dam in the 1940s. Some of the other original buildings are still here as well. I could not take any photos inside because the door was locked. I will try again later this week.

View from outside the recreation building looking toward the Wildwood Grill. The game room is around the corner to the left.

The Gunter Cabin, built in 1875


The General Store provides basic groceries. The same building also includes a gift shop, post office, ice cream shop, and a laundromat. The gas station is down the hill to the right.

The porch in front of the general store is a great place to read or relax with family. I spend time here every year.

My favorite place to read, however, is on this ledge above the miniature golf course.

The front decks of the cabins also provide a nice place to read. This is the front porch of my villa.

There are also fire pits throughout the village. This one near the miniature golf course hosts nightly marshmallow roasts.

This fire pit is about halfway up the hill among the cabins. I have nicknamed it “Stonehenge.”

Families can swim in the pool or relax on the Lazy River.

A nice creek and foot bridge near the general store.

Black bears are common in these mountains. The bear looking at a fish is a long-standing emblem of Fontana Village.

Apparently he caught it.

The resort is legally an incorporated town.

Good point by Coolidge

After I finished my coffee today, Jenny insisted on cleaning my cup.

Later this afternoon she played with Molly on the softball field, and then she ran away, but we caught her.

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