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More Time Travel Stories (Please Hand Me Some Advil)

The Terminator movies provide another example of how time travel stories can become confusing. At the beginning of Terminator 2: Judgment Day we learn that Judgement Day (when Skynet launches the nuclear missiles and causes the nuclear holocaust) is on August 29, … Continue reading

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She Would Not Let Me Sleep

It is often tempting to press the snooze alarm in the morning. Why do we do that? We are not ready to get up. We want to sleep “just ten minutes longer,” but that extra sleep never leaves us feeling … Continue reading

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“Can We Teach Robots Ethics?” It Depends

On Oct. 15, 2017 BBC News posted an article entitled Can We Teach Robots Ethics? It explores the different arenas in which artificial intelligence may be used and the ethical questions it will raise. The article opens with possible dilemmas faced … Continue reading

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What Would Sisko Write?

At my job I have abundant time to think. On Tuesday I was thinking about the Deep Space Nine episode “Far Beyond the Stars” (season 6, episode 13). Ben Sisko is discouraged when he hears that a friend’s ship was … Continue reading

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