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The Killer in My Front Yard

I have a killer at my house. My last cat Oscar was an avid hunter. When he died, the animals outside my house were relieved. They believed that the reign of terror was over. Then I adopted Arwen, and now … Continue reading

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Home for the Holidays

Last night after work I drove to Hartwell , GA to see the Home for the Holidays Tree Lighting at the main town square outside the courthouse. I arrived about an hour late because of work. The tree was already … Continue reading

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“The Watery Place Your People Call Venus”

In his short story, “The Watery Place” (1956), Isaac Asimov writes about a sheriff and his deputy sitting in the sheriff’s station in Twin Gulch, ID. The sheriff has various business interests in addition to his work as a sheriff, … Continue reading

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Chasing Inspiration at Tallulah Gorge

I visited Tallulah Gorge with some friends about five years ago. I have thought recently about returning, and yesterday I did it. Wow, what a day. I live about an hour away from Tallulah Gorge. With the fall colors on … Continue reading

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Musings at the Park

Last Sunday I was sitting at a picnic table at the Royston Wellness and Community Park. Children were playing on the playground, while their mother took pictures with her cell phone. A father unloaded small bicycles from a van with … Continue reading

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Will I Write?

Will I write or not? I asked myself that question about a month ago. When I was in school I did not like writing papers. I preferred to take a test and be done with it. After school, however, I … Continue reading

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The Ideas in My Head

Ideas in my head. Yes, I know you are there. I can see you, and I can hear you. You never leave me alone, but bringing you out, . . . , that is a challenge. You look and sound … Continue reading

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