The Ideas in My Head

Ideas in my head. Yes, I know you are there. I can see you, and I can hear you.

You never leave me alone, but bringing you out, . . . , that is a challenge. You look and sound incredible in my mind, but when I pull you out and type you on my screen, I wonder, “What happened?” Your life and color are gone. Sometimes I can stitch you together and fill in the gaps, but you might look like something assembled by Victor Frankenstein. What seems profound in my head can look like a starved monster on paper.

Granted, you are not always so evasive. Sometimes you flow out as I type. Unfortunately, however, you also have a habit of showing yourselves when I am working (and therefore too busy to write) or when I am driving and cannot write without risk to my life. It is like thinking of an awesome idea while lying in bed.

When I am writing it is often hard to pull you out. So, do I quit? No, I cannot. You are still in there, waving your hands at me, speaking to me, nagging me. You also have a message to give – a message that could be beneficial to many people.

Working two jobs, which leaves me with little time to write, makes it hard to bring you out. Sometimes I feel like writing,

"All work and no play makes Henry a dull boy.
  All work and no play makes Henry a dull boy.
   All  work  and  no  play  makes  Henry  a  dull  boy.
    All   work   and   no   play   makes   Henry   a   dull   boy"
    All    work    and    no    play    makes    Henry    a    dull    boy.
        All work and no play makes Henry a dull boy.
        All work and no play makes Henry a dull boy."

But I will grab the time I have: A few moments after breakfast before I leave for work, my lunch break with my notebook and pencil, a few moments after work and before bed. Hopefully I can bring you out in a form that is readable, inspiring, and beneficial.

Most of all, you need to be authentic, true to what I see in my mind and not modified to cater to a perceived audience. If you are authentic, then you will have more impact, and those who will most benefit will enjoy reading you. That is all I can do, and it is what I will strive to do.


About henrywm

I am a graduate from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology. I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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