The Killer in My Front Yard


I have a killer at my house.

My last cat Oscar was an avid hunter. When he died, the animals outside my house were relieved. They believed that the reign of terror was over. Then I adopted Arwen, and now she continues the killing.

One Sunday a few weeks ago Arwen was meowing outside the kitchen door, asking to be let in. That usually means she wants to bring in a victim. It can be dead, or alive, or alive but crippled. Maybe she wants to say, “Daddy, look at what I did!” I looked out the window and saw her holding a mouse. I did not want that mouse inside, and so I did not let her in. Later that morning I heard her meowing again. She was not holding the mouse, and so I let her in. A minute or two later I noticed she was licking her lips, and when I left home that morning I found part of the mouse’s face on the door mat. She obviously had a fresh breakfast.

The following Tuesday evening Arwen was not meowing, but she seemed eager to come in when I opened the door. I thought she might go to her favorite chair for a nap, and then I heard the sound that told me otherwise – squeaking. She had brought in a live mouse. It was not even crippled. She dropped it under my desk and then tried to catch it. I caught it in a disposable cup and then put Arwen and the mouse outside. I did not expect her to come in anytime soon after that. She can play with or chew on a mouse all she wants, and whenever she wants, but only outside.

Her hunting does not stop there. One time I was sitting at my desk when I heard a noise from the front porch. A hawk had flown in through the missing screen and was trapped. Arwen was watching intently and trying to catch it. The hawk eventually found the opening and flew away, with Arwen running after it. I was impressed because the hawk was not much smaller than Arwen. I am glad, however, that she did not catch it because it could have seriously injured her. Trying to catch a hawk was not a wise choice for a seven pound cat, but I cannot fault her enthusiasm.

Overall, Arwen is not as psychotic or prolific a hunter as Oscar was, but she is nonetheless a good successor. She still manages to keep the small animals on alert.


About henrywm

I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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