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A Crime Story from My Childhood

Today I want to review another story which was one of my favorite stories as a child – Bernard of Scotland Yard by Bernice Freshet and illustrated by Gina Freshet. I received it in a monthly mail order book club. … Continue reading

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In the Break Room – Put that Phone Down and Write

A week or so ago I was sitting in the smaller break room at work during our afternoon break time. I handled an important text message and then noticed other people at the table looking at their phones. I put … Continue reading

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Some Hard Questions on Autonomous Drones

In a previous post I explored the question of teaching ethics to artificially intelligent system. I briefly covered artificially intelligent autonomous weapons. Should we develop them? A recent video, which has gone viral, raises that question again. It portrays fully … Continue reading

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Ideas at the Children’s Program

I want to post on this blog more often. When I started this bog I only posted occasionally. Then in October I committed to write every day and post at least once each week. I have missed a few daily … Continue reading

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Returning to Old Favorites

Last Thursday night I was relaxing at home after work. After I ate dinner I settled into my recliner with a blanket over my lap. Arwen jumped up on my lap, curled up on the blanket she loves, and purred. … Continue reading

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What Will Happen after Facebook?

On  December 6 on The Briefing Albert Mohler reviewed the release of Facebook’s Messenger Kids app. Facebook has been losing market share because the younger generation is not using the service, and so Facebook released the Messenger Kids app in an … Continue reading

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First Christmas Tree

This year I finally have a Christmas tree. When I was a child, my family always had a Christmas tree. For many years we used an artificial tree. When I was (I think) in middle school we began buying our … Continue reading

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How I Fit in Time to Write

  My work schedule does not leave much time for writing, but I am able to fit in some time each day. First, I commit to write some every day. Some people will commit to writing at least 1,000 words … Continue reading

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