Ideas at the Children’s Program

I want to post on this blog more often. When I started this bog I only posted occasionally. Then in October I committed to write every day and post at least once each week. I have missed a few daily writing sessions, but I have successfully posted at least once per week. Now I want to work up to twice each week.

Last Sunday night, while I watched the children’s Awana Christmas program at church, I wondered what I would write. Among the children I noticed various races. That was great. Of all places where we should have cooperation between races, we should definitely have it in church. I also enjoyed watching how the children behaved. When adults sing, they will all stand straight and look forward. Children are different. Some will look straight and look forward, but others will do many other things. One boy was moving to the music. One girl looked at a friend and giggled. The children show that they are having fun as they perform. Of course the adults enjoy performing as well, but children show it in a unique way. They can be fun to watch.

I thought back to my childhood in Augusta participating in children’s programs at church. I do not remember much of how I behaved during the performances. I do remember going to many practice sessions as we learned our songs. I remember one year we all dressed as toys.  In this program, the toys and an old man (possibly a janitor or security guard) learned about the Christmas story after the store was closed. I was a robot. I remember looking at the picture of a robot costume in the Childcraft encyclopedia at home for ideas. My mother then helped me make it. In another program (although maybe not a Christmas program) I was dressed as a grasshopper, and other children were dressed as other insects.

As the children continued to perform, I thought about how writing topics can be found in many places, sometimes unexpected. Everyday life contains interesting topics of reflection, but we need to watch for them. My eyes are open, but maybe I need to open them more widely. this experience also reminded to bring my notebook everywhere. I did not think to bring it that night, When I had this idea I had to write some notes somewhere, and so I wrote them in the margins of a church program. I need to restore my habit of bringing the notebook everywhere. I never know when inspiration will hit me. To further illustrate that point, while driving home another idea hit me. I started a first draft this morning, and I hope to post it next week.

What do you do to find inspiration? What do you do when you have trouble thinking of ideas?


About henrywm

I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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3 Responses to Ideas at the Children’s Program

  1. benjamin Murphy says:

    I write notes on my iphone in the app “notes” when I have ideas


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