Arwen Continues to Amuse Me

My cat Arwen continues to provide amusement. A month or so ago I was sitting at my desk when I noticed her rolling on the floor in the corner. That was strange, and so I asked, “Buddy, what are you doing?!” I then remembered that her catnip ball was in that corner. I thought the ball would be a good toy because she enjoys a catnip-scented mouse. It did not go as I had hoped. She mostly ignored the ball when I first gave it to her, and so I thought I had wasted my money on it. A few weeks later she suddenly became interested. She does not play with it often, but she occasionally enjoys it.

The best toy for her is a scented toy mouse. I have a small ziplock bag of catnip. I put a cheap toy mouse in it for at least a few hours, maybe days, and then I give it to her. She goes crazy. See the results for yourself.


A few months ago I found a treat she enjoys. She did not care about the brand of treats I gave to Oscar, and so for quite some time I did not give her treats. A few months ago I decided to try Temptations. Wow. She loves them. I do not even know which flavor is her favorite because she loves every one she has tried, but I like to give her the catnip flavor.

I like to spoil her, and so I enjoy watching her reaction to these treats. Whenever she first comes inside, she often jumps onto the kitchen table where I keep them. If she is already inside, she also might jump up when she sees me walk into the kitchen. I know what she wants. If I then pick up the bag, she sometimes rubs it in anticipation.

As much as I enjoy spoiling her, however, I need to keep some discipline. She can act like a child who only wants to eat desert, but she needs to eat food too. If she has had enough treats for that day, then I will tell her to eat her food or go outside and catch something.

These treats are also useful if I want to know where she is. When I leave for work I put her outside. She loves to roam and would hate to be trapped inside alone all day. If I want to make sure she did not slip back inside while I was preparing to leave, then I shake her treats. If she hears it, she will come running. I cannot disappoint her after doing that, but I do not mind giving her some in those situations. I like seeing her happy.


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I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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