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Oddities of Modern English

Spoken language is always changing. What is normal English today would seem strange to people several decades ago or several decades in our future. There are also some changes in modern English which have occurred in my lifetime which I … Continue reading

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Theological Themes in “Knowing” (2009)

Knowing is a fascinating movie about foreknowledge, determinism, and the end of the world. If you have not seen it, then I highly recommend that you watch it before you read this review. That could be said about any of … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt – Artificially Intelligent Judge

A local government (city or county) appoints an artificial intelligence as a judge.   Consider possible advantages in an artificially intelligent judge: It could know all relevant laws and precedents without any lapse in memory, maybe a nation’s entire legal … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt – A Strange Forest Path to an Even Stranger Place

You are hiking a forest trail which you have hiked many times. You gradually notice some details which are not quite right. After while it looks like you are no longer in the same forest but instead somewhere strange. Choose … Continue reading

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