Changes Coming

I am back again. Wow. I did not intend to be gone for this long.

I struggle to find the correct words to describe the last several weeks, partially because I will need to explain some of the vital details in a future post. For now, I think I will simply say that my past struggles with finding work in my field have taken a different turn. No, I have not found a job in any field related to my education, but I am re-orienting my life’s direction. This will bring some significant challenges for a while, including financial challenges, but in the end it will be better.

This sort of struggle can leave a person wondering where he fits. If one of the focal points of your life crumbles (career path in my case), then the struggle can be long and hard. What was the purpose of those years in school? I do not know yet. What should I do with my life going forward from here? The upcoming changes address that. What should I do with my writing, and how does it fit into the larger picture? I do not plan to quit writing, but I am considering how to focus it.

I know this post has been vague. Hopefully I can fill the gaps in future posts as this new direction takes shape. In the meantime, I also hope to continue posting writing prompts and musings on ideas that interest me.

About henrywm

I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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