Running Against the Wind

Back in September I said I would post on some coming changes in my life. Here it is.

On the way home from work a few months ago I listened to “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger. It is a great song. It plays in the movie Forest Gump while Forest is running across the country. During this journey he learns to put the past behind him and move on with his life. That has been my life for many months. While driving home with this song I thought about how my life did not turn out as planned, and how I intended to proceed from there.

Did you have a goal which you held closely and which defined the direction of your life and the decisions you made, except it did not come to fruition? How long did you keep trying, and at which point did you move on?

I have explained in previous posts how my previous career plans never materialized. For that reason the past several years have been difficult. I did not struggle with a lost relationship as in Seger’s song, but my struggle was equally difficult. I did not want to move on because I did not want everything I had invested into my education to be wasted. This left me stuck in a rut.

But I need to move on. I am working a physical labor job which is taking its toll on my body. I know I am capable of doing better and that I should not waste my potential. I am left with a choice: I can either continue doing what I am doing while going nowhere (running against the wind), or I can move on and turn things around for the better.

In pursuit of this change, I have enrolled at Gwinnett Technical College for some training in their cyber security program. I am taking one class online now, but some classes meet only on campus. I also want to take most of my classes on campus so that I can build a network of contacts. This will require me to quit my job at the warehouse and move almost two hours away. I will begin just taking classes to get back in the habit of school and later get a part-time job. Finances will be a significant challenge for a while (probably more than a year), but long-term I think this will be the right move because it will give me the credentials to get a much better job.

I have been offered a place to live with my sister for cheap in exchange for helping at the house. I can also bring Arwen with me, which is great. I would hate to give her up. She is a great companion. I will have less time to write, but I will try to chronicle my journey.

(I did not post this back in September because I thought I should wait until I had officially given my notice of resignation at the warehouse, in case any of them read this.)

About henrywm

I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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