First Week of Class

I have now finished my first week of class, and it will be a demanding semester. I am taking classes in hardware installation and maintenance, networking fundamentals, and computer security fundamentals. These classes are essential foundations for my program.

I began some of the work early. During the week before class I read ahead in my hardware book. I brought out a dead desktop computer, placed it on my kitchen table, and opened it. While reading the book, I looked at the hardware inside, examined the parts, and noticed how they were connected. I intend to resurrect this computer as a personal challenge this semester.

Arwen and my sister’s dogs are learning to live with each other. I am now the dogs’ primary caretaker, and so they are usually with me. I am impressed that Arwen will move among the dogs unintimidated, despite her small size. Maybe they do not chase her because she does not run from them. Instead, they sniff her.

For the most part, they appear to be fascinated with her, and I think Molly genuinely likes her. About a week ago Arwen cut her back feet. I confined the dogs in another section of the basement to get them out of the way and then cleaned Arwen’s feet. She fought so hard when I tried to wash her feet in the sink that I instead dipped her feet in a puddle in the shower. She meowed loudly and sounded like she was panicking. When I was finished I found that the dogs had forced their way out of their room and came to investigate. I think they may have been worried for their buddy.

Earlier this past week I visited the Barnes and Noble near my sister’s house to study my computer networking book. It is an interesting but complex topic, and I will need to work hard to master the material. As I left for the night I walked by a bookcase of science fiction and fantasy books, which are my favorite fiction genres. I have many books which I want to read, but I will be unable to read them for over a year because I plan to stay in school every semester until I graduate (including summer). When I graduate, maybe I will reward myself with a trip to a bookstore to buy such a book. For now, I need to focus on classes. This is a time to acquire the skills for a new career. It will be a busy and challenging time, but it will pay off in the end.

About henrywm

I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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