Another Semester Done

I took my last final yesterday. I have one A- and two A+ this semester, and I have one industry certification (Security+). I think that is a productive semester. This summer I will probably study for the A+ certification.

Although the semester is done, I am still busy. My sister is downsizing, and so I need to move. With that approaching, I am going through my shed and deciding what to throw away. I found some old college notes which i have not read for more than twenty years. I tossed those. i also have some old books and magazines. I will keep some and set aside some that might earn me something at a used bookstore, but I will toss some that are not worth keeping.

I also need to find a job. I do not think I could have survived this semester of three classes if I worked a job, and so in the Fall I will probably take two classes. I need to get work experience in this field. That can be just as important at the education. If that means I need to graduate a little later, then that is what I will do. The purpose of this endeavor, after all, is to move into a field which will provide a job with a decent living. I do not regret taking three classes this semester, however. I finished some classes which are prerequisites for many other classes, and so I should now have more flexibility with my choice of classes in future semesters.

Now I must go. My sister’s dogs need a walk, and I am ready to listen to some good music while we walk. As I leave, allow me to suggest a video. It combines the sounds of a fireplace with a rainstorm. I sometimes like to play some of it when I go to bed. I do not play the entire video – just the last thirty minutes or hour which is more than enough as I fall asleep.

About henrywm

I am interested in Christian theology and church history. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and stories which wrestle with deep questions.
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