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Writing Prompt – Artificially Intelligent Judge

A local government (city or county) appoints an artificial intelligence as a judge.   Consider possible advantages in an artificially intelligent judge: It could know all relevant laws and precedents without any lapse in memory, maybe a nation’s entire legal … Continue reading

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Some Hard Questions on Autonomous Drones

In a previous post I explored the question of teaching ethics to artificially intelligent system. I briefly covered artificially intelligent autonomous weapons. Should we develop them? A recent video, which has gone viral, raises that question again. It portrays fully … Continue reading

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“Can We Teach Robots Ethics?” It Depends

On Oct. 15, 2017 BBC News posted an article entitled Can We Teach Robots Ethics? It explores the different arenas in which artificial intelligence may be used and the ethical questions it will raise. The article opens with possible dilemmas faced … Continue reading

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