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Two Writing Prompts Collide

While sitting in my car one morning before work last week I looked through a list of speculative fiction writing prompts. Two of them especially caught my eye, and I thought it would be fun to see how different people … Continue reading

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A Cell Phone in the Oasis

I have commented briefly in other posts on how people are addicted to their cell phones today. For example, sometimes when I am standing in line at a restaurant I will notice the people. I often see people who are … Continue reading

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Theological Themes in “The Black Hole (1979)”

I am finally returning to my movie reviews focusing on theological and philosophical themes. I had planned months ago to return to writing them, but they fell to the side as I wrote other posts. All that time these continued … Continue reading

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“The Watery Place Your People Call Venus”

In his short story, “The Watery Place” (1956), Isaac Asimov writes about a sheriff and his deputy sitting in the sheriff’s station in Twin Gulch, ID. The sheriff has various business interests in addition to his work as a sheriff, … Continue reading

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More Time Travel Stories (Please Hand Me Some Advil)

The Terminator movies provide another example of how time travel stories can become confusing. At the beginning of Terminator 2: Judgment Day we learn that Judgement Day (when Skynet launches the nuclear missiles and causes the nuclear holocaust) is on August 29, … Continue reading

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What Would Sisko Write?

At my job I have abundant time to think. On Tuesday I was thinking about the Deep Space Nine episode “Far Beyond the Stars” (season 6, episode 13). Ben Sisko is discouraged when he hears that a friend’s ship was … Continue reading

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Time Travel Headaches

As I explain here, one reason why I enjoy science fiction is its ability to wrestle with ideas. Sometimes those ideas are deep questions Sometimes they are fun. Sometimes they are just weird or confusing.  Stories involving time travel could … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Science Fiction

I have enjoyed science fiction for as long as I can remember. While growing up I would watch scifi cartoons such as Space Ghost. I would read scifi stories (such as The Green Futures of Tycho) and Choose Your Own … Continue reading

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Two Intriguing Stories

I have been a fan of Isaac Asimov’s short stories for several years. I enjoy stories which wrestle with interesting ideas, even when I disagree with the conclusions. Asimov was an atheist, and so I certainly do not always agree … Continue reading

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