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Brainstorming on a Pallet

At work on Monday last week I thought about some writing ideas while stocking items in the warehouse. To make sure I did not forget them, I wrote some brief notes on a piece of cardboard. When the bell sounded … Continue reading

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People Need to Learn to Read

Reviewing favorite books from my childhood brings back an important aspect of my childhood for which I am thankful. I was raised to be a reader. When I was a child, my mother did not let my sisters and me … Continue reading

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In the Break Room – Put that Phone Down and Write

A week or so ago I was sitting in the smaller break room at work during our afternoon break time. I handled an important text message and then noticed other people at the table looking at their phones. I put … Continue reading

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What Will Happen after Facebook?

On  December 6 on The Briefing Albert Mohler reviewed the release of Facebook’s Messenger Kids app. Facebook has been losing market share because the younger generation is not using the service, and so Facebook released the Messenger Kids app in an … Continue reading

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Musings at the Park

Last Sunday I was sitting at a picnic table at the Royston Wellness and Community Park. Children were playing on the playground, while their mother took pictures with her cell phone. A father unloaded small bicycles from a van with … Continue reading

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Spam Is Still Spam

I was recently listening to this song by Weird Al: I remember the days when I would often receive emailed hoaxes or fluffy feel good emails consisting of sappy quotes with pictures of puppies and kittens. Often these emails had … Continue reading

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