Writing Prompts

  1. “A scientist acquires what he thinks is dinosaur DNA and uses methods inspired by Jurassic Park to bring it to life . . ., but it is not dinosaur DNA. It is Grendel’s DNA.” (Details here)
  2. “Picture yourself visiting Auschwitz. You try to imagine the lives of the Jews imprisoned there and the suffering they endured. You imagine their conversations and the conversations of the guards. You start hearing their voices and think your imagination is getting the best of you. Then you realize you are in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.” (Details here)
  3. “You find a ship in a bottle . . . with people onboard.” (Details here)
  4. “You are hiking a forest trail which you have hiked many times. You gradually notice some details which are not quite right. After while it looks like you are no longer in the same forest but instead somewhere strange.” (Details here)
  5. “A local government (city or county) appoints an artificial intelligence as a judge.” (Details here)
  6. “You are standing on a river bank when a dark ferry boat comes to shore. The ferryman wears a dark robe and hood. It is Charon, the ferryman of the river Styx. He says that he took a wrong turn and needs your help.” (Details here)
  7. “Imagine that every page of your writing notebook works like a Myst linking book with the ability to take you to the world described on that page. How did your notebook get that ability? Where will it take you? How do you get back home?” (Details here)
  8. “You face serious stress or a crisis in your life. When you reach a breaking point you receive the opportunity to leave your life behind and move to the Shire.” (Details here)
  9. “You are in a library with every book ever written.” (Details here)
  10. “You buy what you think is a simple walking stick at a yard sale. You do not realize that it is Gandalf’s staff.” (Details here)
  11. “At a bookstore you find a book which appears to be your biography. You are amazed because you never knew anyone wrote your biography, and you do not understand why anyone would want to. As you skim through it you notice that it contains events of that day and the moment you find that book. It even contains events which have not yet occurred.” (Details here)